Sydney, January 1st 2018: 

Australian singer/songwriter and guitarist JOHN SAMMERS has inked a international licensing deal with DO IT Records.  The deal sees John join a label roster that includes Everclear and Snoop Dog and provides world wide distribution for “Believe”,  his stunning solo debut album along with other songs from previous releases. 

Paul Marshall, Director and founder of DO IT Records says, “DO IT Records is proud to announce the first signing of 2018 and welcomes John Sammers to their label. John’s music is a mix of The Beatles vs The Who crossed with some Blur. His lyrics are thought provoking, upbeat and at times contains elements of melancholy and despair. Overall John’s songs take the listener on a journey through many things from love to murder and everything in-between. We look forward to great things with John in 2018.” 

Paul added, “We have also picked up the licensing rights for a number of John’s songs, including the cult classic “Cicada”. A definitive recording that represents this song’s live energy is currently being remixed and remastered by triple Grammy winner Justin Guip in his upstate New York studio.” 

John Sammers says signing with DO IT Records, “gives me the platform I needed to get my music out to a global market with the support of a solid, experienced global company.  It’s a great feeling.”

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