Welcome and come along!

Hi everyone - I want to invite you to join my on a fun journey that will take a few months - and with your help should be ride to remember.

Following my move to London in 1986, although i was constantly gigging around the world, my writing took a back seat to bringing up my son, pursuing my quest for learning and just working myself out. In 2014 i came back to Australia and recorded an album of some of the songs i had written in that time but knew the journey wasn't over and the recording served as a demo for me because I hadn't found the sound i was looking for.

Last NYE i had quite and epiphany and became a practicing Buddhist. I had always been a bit Buddhish - but evidence showed me that it could change my life. I cam to Australia to live in March and started writing with Terry McArthur, a gifted and inspired lyricist and poet, who helped me understand the 'authentic voice' and 'nada shake' - and a new set of songs were written. He also introduced me to Justin Guip, triple Grammy winning engineer and drummer with Hot Tuna, and he like what he heard.

So........in 3 days I leave for upstate NY to record my debut solo album BELIEVE with Justin and other top NY session players. The album will feature some of the songs from the last album, some of the songs written with Terry and, once the legalities are sorted, a couple of songs I have written with Justin.......

......and I'm going to bring you along with me by documenting the entire trip and process on this website. There will be guitar stuff for the techies, real life stuff for the keyhole surfers and lots of music for the lovers of acoustic/electric Brit Pop and Americana....there's even a touch of folk!

Stay tuned.....there will be Facebook posts here, soundcloud copies of demos here and youtube vids (which will be the same as these ones).

See you soon!

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