Lovely Guitars to play and vocals getting done!

Hi again - its the first day of the second (and should be last) week....and we did quite a bit of guitars and vocals today as well as reviving Cold-Blooded Killer....let me explain.......
Having done quite a bit of work on Cold-Blooded Killer because there was a good vibe about the demo (on which were no bass or drums but it did have a good acoustic performance and sound which Justin felt was good enough to keep), we were a little deflated after the weekend because we put quite a few hours on it. Luckily a code came down to empty the track and we tried it out and it seems to work so bass to go down. These are the guitars I've used in the past few days.

Curly and Number 1 you already have been introduced to. I used 'Bob's' ES137 on Tomorrow Has Begun - I was after a big rich clean sound and it gave me that.....its a fine guitar....Justin said it was Bob Dylan's and was given to his close friend Larry Campbell, who has been kind enough to let me use some of his lovely guitars for my recording. I must give thanks.........
It is also his Martin J40, which needed a few running repairs but did us proud tonight on Cold-Blooded - and Curly worked on Inside Her Eyes. Here's me singing IHE.

Here's something that happened yesterday; a couple of deer came out of the woods and started feeding.......huh?

I woke the valley up with some testing of the distortion pedals this morning but the Bassman just breaks up so beautifully that there was no point using them....shame...

They've been modded. The DS-1 is the most interesting because it has had a germanium diode put in that glows brighter when more juice goes in and when it does it seems to spit more, you can have it as a modded distortion without the diode.......its a nice mod. The distortion is far better than the regular and it is less noisy (may be true bypass). The Tube Screamer mod I can't remember.....and the Rat has now three sounds, the original, A very hot version and a compressed fuzz - good variations for the one pedal as well as true bypass.

We finished the day with Terrorised, which I'm loving to bits.......all in all a great day!

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