Thursday 20th - a very good day!

First friends, I have to thank Justin for his professionalism and attention to detail - so apart from great ears and great vision of what he wants from the song he goes that extra bit further to make certain its right........I have a big admiration for the way he knows what a song needs.

We worked on a couple again today. Both guitar and vocals when down a treat on Now You're Gone. For the guitarists: I used my swamp ash Lindy Fralin/Bill Callaham Telecaster through a German amp called a THC. It has the facility to overdrive the pre-amp and then added the RAT pedal which has been Keeley modded and I had my was a lovely liquid snake oil sound that worked well in NYG. I had to roll some tops off the treble pickup though because of the style i was playing.....Justin mentioned a bit of Eastern guitar and so I chucked in a few mixo-lydians from the harmonic minor scale and it seemed to come out ok....

Next we added some bass to Terrorised, which has morphed into a kicking, sonic treat........

I've asked Phil Rigger to sing some more harmonies on two tracks - Inside Her Eyes and Reached the End. Phil has a great voice and ear for harmonies and Justin felt its better to have BVs NOT sung by the lead singer. I'm okay with that.......i usually want top harmonies higher than I can sing anyway. :)

This is me making standing in a tunnel leaning on a guitar case look like a very serious business.....



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