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Back in Oz 

Well friends and followers, I'm back in Australia and with a few little touches the album is all but finished......its been quite a ride and the RnR at the end of the intensive 10 days really helped have a break from it and re-energise. 

I went back in on the last 2 weeks for a day here and there just to tidy stuff up and actually did a vocal track on the morning we left......i just had an urge to to Now That You're wasn't quite right and I felt i knew what was needed - you can be the judge.

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Thursday 20th - a very good day! 

First friends, I have to thank Justin for his professionalism and attention to detail - so apart from great ears and great vision of what he wants from the song he goes that extra bit further to make certain its right........I have a big admiration for the way he knows what a song needs.

We worked on a couple again today. Both guitar and vocals when down a treat on Now You're Gone. For the guitarists: I used my swamp ash Lindy Fralin/Bill Callaham Telecaster through a German amp called a THC. It has the…Read more

Vocals and Guitars again...... 

Hi - lots of singing today and finished off with some guitar. I'm not as on it as I would be if I was gigging regularly so lets hope the album does its job and brings some interest in my live performances.......which are stellar affairs.......bells, whistles, fireworks etc.....

It was 80 degrees today and it was very hot in the studio room so in the afternoon we popped of to the neighbours house for a dip - the water was cold but the air was warm and the breeze was very pleasant. From here house you can see…Read more

Lovely Guitars to play and vocals getting done! 

Hi again - its the first day of the second (and should be last) week....and we did quite a bit of guitars and vocals today as well as reviving Cold-Blooded Killer....let me explain.......
Having done quite a bit of work on Cold-Blooded Killer because there was a good vibe about the demo (on which were no bass or drums but it did have a good acoustic performance and sound which Justin felt was good enough to keep), we were a little deflated after the weekend because we put quite a few hours on it. Luckily a…Read more