All Single sales go to the Standing Rock Sioux

Wide screen vocals, shimmering acoustic guitars, hypnotic drumming and nail me to the floor bass: We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock) is the stunning debut single from Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist John Sammers.

This is a powerful and poignant protest song that in just over four minutes traces the history of Standing Rock from the 1851 and 1868 broken treaties of Fort Laramie to the current non-violent actions from the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters to halt construction of the $3.8 billion Dakota Accesss Pipeline (#No DAPL).

The song and the video are the result of a collaboration between:  John who sings and plays all instruments bar the drums and lyricist Narayan Terry McArthur; triple Grammy winning engineer Justin Guip (Levon Helm, Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams) who laid down the mesmerizing tom tom beats and produced the track;  and Australian film-maker Matt Clancy who assembled and cut the compelling and often startlingly gritty footage that  marks the video:

“Writing the song, making a video and donating all sales to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe ”, explain Sammers,“ felt like the best way the four of us could offer our support and stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux as they seek to protect their rights, their land, their water and the future of their children from the reckless greed of  the fossil fuel industry.” 

We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock) is released by Fuzzyland Records and distributed by CD Baby for $2.99. Click here


We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock)

He was raised in South Dakota, in the spirit of Sitting Bull, with stories of the Great Mystery when the moon shone bright and full 

He was terrorized, terrorized

She saw ten thousand warriors ghost dancing in the sky, calling out from Wounded Knee beware the rich man’s lie 

She was terrorized, terrorized

They followed the trail of tears to the place called Standing Rock - through every broken treaty by every bullet shot 

They were terrorized

The pipeline is a black snake that kills and betrays – oil the soil poison the water is it the end of days?

Terrorized, the land is terrorized

They faced the weapons of oppression, they endured the cold and heat, they heard the cries of the wounded but they would still not retreat 

Terrorized, they won’t be terrorized 

And they all stood here at Standing Rock honoring the earth and protecting our water singing the song of songs for all our sons and daughters

We won’t be we won’t be terrorized

© 2016 Sammers –McArthur.



We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock) the song and the video is the work of four people drawn together by the common desire to offer their support to the Standing Rock Sioux ‘s non-violent resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  


John Sammers is an Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is currently completing his solo album Believe with Grammy award winning engineer and producer Justin Guip. John was in his home studio in the Blue Mountains laying down the guitar parts for what would become We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock) when the story of what was happening at Standing Rock began to break on social media.  “At that moment” he said, “ I knew what I had to do.”


Terry McArthur is a performance poet and songwriter.  He has published two books of poetry, written hit songs with and for Australian and Finnish         artists including: John Farnham, James Blundell, Audrey Auld-Mezera, Ninni Poijarvi and Mika Kuokkanen and John Sammers. Like millions of   others from around the world he had been watching footage of unarmed Standing Rock protestors being blasted with water canon, pepper sprayed   and fired upon with rubber bullet as they were confronted by a phalanx of heavily armed North Dakota National Guards, and like John, knew what he must do.  


Justin Guip is a three-time Grammy Award winning engineer and producer who worked directly with Levon Helm, the legendary drummer and vocalist for The Band from 2004-2012.  Based in up state New York Justin runs a highly successful recording studio and regularly hits the road as the drummer for Hot Tuna and Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams.  When John sent him the rough vocals of We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock ) he said three words: “Count me in ”


For over 25 years Mat Clancy has been involved in the broader media industry working as an Art Director for various national newspapers/magazines and advertising agencies, music and book publishers. More recently Mat has been producing live music videos for international artists including Ben Lee, Dave Stringer and Peia Bird. He currently has several documentaries in production. When John played him Justin’s first mix of We Won’t Be Terrorized (Standing Rock) he cancelled all appointments and immediately started compiling the stream of social media footage mainstream media would not report.
©Copyright John Sammers - 2017 All Rights Reserved


“ A glorious explosion of guitars, drums & rattle your heart vocals” – Terry Byrnes (Music Journalist)

This is one kick ass record” - Justin Guip (Triple Grammy winning engineer)

John Sammers is the Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist who gave the world the 80s urban anthem The Cicada (That Ate Five Dock). His band OUTLINE released five singles and one album and were considered one of the best live bands of the legendary pub rock circuit that gave birth to the likes of AC/DC, Cold Chisel, INXS & Midnight Oil. When Outline folded John headed for London and for the next three decades regularly gigged all over the U.K. & Europe, becoming a sought after session player. In finding out what makes us all tick, he became a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Life Coaching. He also became a bachelor of Music Education.

Through all of this John never stopped writing songs and performing. “ It’s in my DNA...”, he says, “...and it got to the point where I knew I had to make this album.”

BELIEVE then is no comeback album, for the truth is John Sammers never went away. BELIEVE is a statement of faith, a distillation of observations, insights & hard won truths. It is a glorious explosion of guitars, drums & vocals that rattle your heart. He combines the unmistakeable signature crunch of Aussie Pub Rock, the melodic genius of classic Brit Pop with a twist of Gram Parsons meets The Grateful Dead school of Americana.

Recorded in London, Sydney & upstate New York BELIEVE was engineered and co-produced by triple Grammy winning engineer Justin Guip (Levon Helm), John Sammers & Australian poet Terry McArthur, both of whom collaborated on some tracks. The album features some of NYCs finest musicians, including Jesse Murphy (John Schofield and Brazilian Girls) on bass, Grammy nominee Leslie Mendelson on harmony vocals and keys, AMA Lifetime Achievement Award Instrumentalist and Grammy winner Larry Campbell unmistakably on pedal steel and Justin Guip himself on drums (Hot Tuna).

In the words of Justin Guip, “ I knew from the demos we had some really special songs but when it came time to recording John took his performance and guitar playing to a whole new level. I am really proud of what we achieved together here. This is one kick ass record.”

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