What I Do

John has set up a new studio at Sanctuary Art of Sound (thanks guys) and is busy writing and recording what could be his next album as well as working on his podcasts a Youtube work. The album will be a collection of songs both old and new (until I can clear the backlog…) and features Ernie McKone, Justin Guip, Jesse Murphy, Phil Rigger, John Ward and more. But you’re mainly interested in what I can do for you. I can write with you, or produce existing material – offering suggestions. I can record your demos mix your tracks and feature your tracks in a video. Much of the guitar and vocals on my last album was recorded at my home – I know what I’m doing. My other site, Great Recordings On A Budget or GROAB helps you create great sounding music without spending too much. I also offer guitar setups because I love working with guitars. Contact me if you want to discuss anything, and don’t think I’ll be out of your budget – ask.